Support the Black Community.

Inform yourself, use your voice, use your privilege for Black liberation. 

We compiled a list of organizations you should donate to, petitions to sign, tips for protestors, and educational resources on how we can better support the Black community.

A huge thank you to Queering ZineSouth Asians 4 Black Lives, Sorjo Magazine, Black Lives Matter, Equality Labs, Asian American Feminist Collective, Annika Hansteen-Izora, Zubi Ahmed, and tpwkhollands for making this information accessible.

We have been updating this page everyday with new resources we find. Please email saqtc.nyc@gmail.com if you’d like to add more resources.


ABOLITION ACTION! Click here for public resources to find out how you can help DEFUND THE POLICE.

Click here to send an auto-populated email to NYC Council Members to defund the NYPD!

Go to #8toAbolition for more information and resources.

Educational Resources:


Click here for a list of more organizations/victims/etc. that needs your donations

Help Protestors:

-Click here for more resources to help protestors (lawyers, phone numbers to call, etc.)

-Masterlist of Bail Funds/Legal Help by City

Sign Petitions: 

Click here for more petitions to sign

Tips for Protestors: (Taken from National Resource List)


  • This Google Doc contains the best practices for before, during, and after protests.

  • This Twitter thread contains reminders and new information about maintaining your respiratory health while protesting.

  • It is best not to bring prescription medications to the protests. If you do, you’re encouraged to bring the bottle containing your prescription. While police may not allow you to take them while detained, your best bet is to have them in the bottle they came in.

  • Avoid wearing your contacts! Tear gas is particularly harmful for you!

  • Avoid posting and resharing photos that could help police, organized and unorganized white supremacist groups, and employers identify the people protesting. Blur other people’s faces, tattoos, or other identifiable attributes if you’re going to post!

  • “Riot Medicine” - A Twitter thread.

  • Treating Bullet Wounds - A Thread from an EMT.


  • The best policy is to watch what you text and to make sure you’re not including your location on your social media posts. Turn off your location!

  • Tool for quickly scrubbing metadata from images and selectively blurring faces and identifiable features. Phone or Desktop. Credit

  • FOR POLICE INTERACTIONS: This tweet teaches you how to set a Shortcut to film your encounters with police and to contact your emergency contact.

  • An easy way to identify an undercover cop is to check if they have an arm band. For example, protesters in Brooklyn noticed that several men throughout the crowd all wore white armbands. They're required to wear these so uniformed cops can spot them.


  • Avoid posting and resharing photos that could help police, organized and unorganized white supremacist groups, and employers identify the people protesting.

  • Click here if you’re not sure how to blur people’s faces, tattoos, and other identifying attributes.

  • Do not use your social media page to discourage looting or “violent protest”. It’s counterrevolutionary to use your platform this way.

    • A quick response: "Violence aimed at the recovery of human dignity and at equality cannot be judged by the same yardstick as violence aimed at maintenance of discrimination and oppression.” - Walter Rodney

  • Do not share videos and photos of the murder of George Floyd or any other Black person who has been murdered police - or anyone for that matter! These videos are the lynching postcards of our time.

We also urge you to check out this Anti-Doxing Guide for Activists Facing Attacks. This guide has been created to deal with the current issues and should be incorporated into your regular digital security practices.

Meetings for Asian Americans to Join:

More Resources: