south asian queer + trans collective

The South Asian Queer + Trans Collective (SAQTC) is a grassroots organization that aims to create nurturing spaces where LGBTQ+ South Asians and Indo-Caribbeans can build friendships.

Queer friendship is revolutionary and the key binomo 100 bonus code to liberation.

We’re Going on Hiatus!

Taking a break is radical self care and growing as a collective.

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Submit to Our Very First Zine, "Kaleidoscope"!

Out of the darkness that so often surrounds us, our community comes together in a brilliant array of identities, stories, and feelings. Like a kaleidoscope, this zine aims to illuminate the varied contributions of all members of our community and create a colorful mosaic of our work based on the exploration of 5 of our emotions: rage, joy, sadness, grief, and love. This zine will act as a tangible archive of stories in our community. Each emotion (rage, joy, sadness, grief, and love) will act as sections. Individual submissions should be submitted to one of those following emotions.

You can submit anything from stories, poetry, digital illustrations, paintings, collages, interviews, and more! 


 “Friendship is the key to liberation and revolution”


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